In collaboration with Tim Lampe

In collaboration with Tim Lampe




Morgenmete Journal

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Tim Lampe

Tim Lampe

Tim is one of Atlanta’s most innovative art directors and is a relentless servant of the creative community. Tim has done incredible work for brands like Samsung, Coca-Cola, Netflix, and Target. I’ve had the pleasure of having him as a friend and mentor, and I jumped at the opportunity to help him with his incredible passion project: Morgenmete - a satirical print magazine about the absurdities of breakfast.

The Project

Tim needed a video made for his Kickstarter project to build awareness for the project, as well as raise funds for the printing costs. We also were able to create a few images and short clips for promotions of the campaign through social media. We set up shop in the Photographer’s Studio and Tim unpacked his stash of breakfast foods. Tim also acted as set designer, creating the perfect canvas for the videos and photos.

Though the campaign finished shy of its goal, the hype behind the publication caused a disruption in the creative world. Even after the conclusion of the campaign, people were still reaching out to help fund Morgenmete. If you are interested in becoming a subscriber and receiving the magazine or want to help offset the production costs, shoot an email to Tim at hello[at]

Final Video

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